3 side quick change tool post and holders

1. Quick change tool post for lathe is made of high quality tool steel by quenching and precision grinding.
2. The precision of quick change tool post sets is high, the working efficiency is stable, and the working time is shortened.
3. Quick change tool post for lathe has been polished many times to meet the requirements of finish.

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Introduction to quick change tool post for lathe: 

Quick change tool post for lathe avoids the time-consuming adjustment of cutting tools to reach the required height. Once the height is set, the tool holder and tool can be removed, knowing that they will be repositioned accurately after replacement.

Advantages of lathe tool post:

  • Quick change tool post holder's advanced design provides built-in quick tool change versatility and positive rigidity to meet the strictest working tolerances. 

  • Quick change tool post sets can be quickly and easily installed on an engine worktable or turret lathe. Quick change tool post sets can perform a variety of operations from precision operations to heavy cutting. 

  • All parts of quick change lathe tool posts are hardened, ground and completely sealed for maintenance-free operation. 

  • Lathe tool post has the maximum stiffness without flutter performance. 

  • 3 side quick change tool post and holders can be interchangeable with all industry leading brands by series.

quick change tool post for lathe

3Specification parameters of side quick change tool post and holders:

Order No.

Centre Height

 Order No.

 Centre Height















Introduction to the history of the company:

Zeatool Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958 and has a history of more than 50 years. It was restructured into a limited company in 1999 and established in 2011. It was successfully listed in Qilu Equity Exchange in 2012 and listed in The New Third Board in 2014.
Since 1995, the company has enjoyed the right of import and export. In 1997, the company obtained the quality license of export products. In 1999, the company passed ISO9002 quality certification and successively obtained various honors in the enterprise.

quick change tool post holder


1、Does your company handle custom products?

Sorry, our company does not accept custom product orders for the time being.


2、Are your products genuine?

Our company's products are all authorized by the manufacturer, can provide authorization certificate, false a penalty of ten, please rest assured to buy.


3、How about the cost of product return and replacement?

Product package mail delivery, due to quality problems return company fully bear, because of customer problems return to bear freight.


4、Is the product quality guaranteed?

Our company has a strict quality control process to ensure the quality of every product.


5、What is the lead time of the product?

Product delivery cycle spot 1-2 days, cycle goods about 15-30 days. The actual situation prevails.

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