The secrets of High Quality Turnery—a potent industrial cutting tool--are all revealed here

2023-02-10 14:36

Lathes are a kind of machine tool that use turning tools to process rotating workpieces. It is one of the most widely used machine tools in mechanical manufacturing and repair factories. Drill Chucks, reaming drill, reamer, tap, ER spanner and knurling tool holder can also be used together with lathes for specific processing.

Precision Vise

Normal lathes comprise of the following features: they can process a wide variety of workpieces; they have a wide adjustment range of their spindle speed and feed; they are able to process a majority of workpiecesaspects including the inner and outer surface, end face and internal and external thread. This kind of lathes is mainly operated manually, and has a relatively low production efficiency, which leads to its suitability for single-piece, small-batch production and repair workshops.

In the machining process of lathes, chip control is one of the most important considerations in order to obtain high-quality turning parts. Chip control contains three basic chip-breaking forms: self-chip-breaking (such as gray cast iron), impact tool chip-breaking and impact workpiece chip-breaking.

Among all kinds of metal cutting machine tools, lathes are also the most widely used, accounting for about 50% of the total machine tool quantity. Among them, turnery is the most basic and common cutting method and occupies a very important position in production process. Turnery is suitable for machining rotary surface, and most workpieces with rotary surface can be processed with turning method, such as inner and outer cylinder, inner and outer cone, end face, groove, thread and rotary forming surface, etc.

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