The construction machinery industry bucked the trend

2022-06-23 14:21

More than a decade ago, 200 tons of super large excavators must be purchased from abroad; Today, China can make anything from 200 to 700 tons of very large excavators. Xugong Group has successfully developed a 700-ton super large hydraulic excavator with independent intellectual property rights, "four wheels and one Belt", and carried out trial installation, completely getting rid of the situation of being controlled by others in the past, realizing the tonnage "grade jump" in just a few years, creating a miracle of industry development.

With leading scientific and technological strength and excellent product quality, the export growth of construction machinery will nearly double in 2021. Construction machinery exports are expected to reach $34 billion in 2021, with a surplus of about $30 billion, Lu said. In particular, it is necessary to point out that the export of construction machinery industry increased, while the import amount of the whole machine decreased by 20%.

In 2022, as a typical investment-dependent and cyclical industry, the construction machinery industry is faced with many uncertain factors such as complex international trade relations, intensified competition, rising raw material prices, tight supply chain, and upgraded emissions.

Cicc expects China's construction machinery industry sales to decline slightly year-on-year in 2022. In the medium term, under the support of overseas market expansion and other factors, it is expected that the annual sales of Excavators in China will be stable at about 300,000 units in the next three years without a sharp decline. Leading companies are still expected to achieve long-term growth through domestic share increase and overseas market expansion.

Excavator industry to innovation-driven development strategy, focusing on specialization, "new", speed up industrial layout to the Internet, speed up the transformation and upgrading of digital, intelligent, and high-level basis for mining machinery industry, the modernization of the industrial chain, supply chain independently controlled, through strong extender chain, chain, chain, formed globally competitive industrial clusters, quickly promote the competitiveness of the industry, Strengthen risk awareness, create a good competitive development environment, to achieve high-quality sustainable development of China's mining machinery industry.

For the construction machinery industry as a whole, through self-adjustment, the construction machinery industry has smoothly passed the trough of the cycle, and will turn into a better situation in 2022. Despite the cycle, the industry will ride the wave.

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