How to pick the appropriate high precision vise

2023-02-13 15:53

Tool viseis commonly known as "vice". Old vices are mostly made of cast iron with simple structure, low manufacturing precision and short service life. High precision vise is a kindof tool vise, then how topick the appropriate high precision vise? Next, the professional manufacturer will give you a brief explanation.

Firstly, we need to determine the accuracy of the precision based on that of equipments and products. According to the author’s experience, it is more reasonable to pick the high precision vise with similar accuracy with that of the precision machining process. For example, it is more reasonable to pair a high precision vise with an accuracy of 0.01mm~0.02mm, with a milling machine with that of 0.02mm.

Tool vise

Secondly, we need to determine the type of vises based on equipment and processing needs. According to the relative position of their main body and the machine table,precision tool vises can be classified into two types: horizontal flat vises and vertical vises.

  Thirdly, we need to pick the precision vise with the appropriate form and technical parameters according to the workpiece and process requirements. The goal of the usage of precision tool vises is to ensure production. In the clamped state, more than 2/3, otherwise the clamping instability, inaccurate positioning, cutting vibration and many other problems will occur.


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